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Our product range is arranged systematically on strictly differenced quality standards: Started by the winy culture to the wine pressing, finishing and storing – all our winers and cellar team have many ideas and made a lot of work to bring each wine to its own tasting and distinctive character. 


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Bottwartaler Anecdotes

         We searched for interessting, worth knowing and historical
       of our nice landscape. Follow us in anecdotes and legendes
       of our Bottwartal (in GERMAN).
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Wine of the month August

Bild: Markus Pantle, Großbottwar




valid from August 1st to August 31st, 2017 




valid from July 14th to August 31st, 2017



Summer - Sun - Sunshine
and a fine white wine.


10 % off for all white wines*


* except Platinum and Wölfle


Bottwartaler Winzer

Office: Bottwartaler Winzer eG, Grossbottwar

The majority of our members and their families only
cultivate small sections of land, and through their love,
care and dedication produce the best and healthiest
grapes, which go on to produce wines of the highest
quality: premium wines for everyday enjoyment as well
as wines of exclusive vintages.

The Bottwartaler Winzer is a strong alliance of quality
wine makers, who came together in 1966 to form a
cooperative wine-growers’ association. They understand
the cultural importance of Bottwartal viniculture.